Sky - for illustration friday

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Water - illustration for Illustration Friday

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Illustration Friday entry 'Water' outline in ink pen, coloured with coloured pencils...

First one I've done in AGES! :)

Hope you like it :)

Holly xoxo

'Forward' For Illustration Friday

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Time always moves forward no matter how much we might want to slow it down!

'Twirl' for Illustration Friday

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This Illustration os for the theme 'Twirl' by illustration.  Being physically quite averse to activity I regularly find that my interior spends far more time in motion and twirling than my outward appearance might betray...

'Prepare' for Illustration Friday

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The theme for Illustration Friday this week was 'Prepare'.  This picture shows a little doll preparing for the Kingdom of Heaven, albeit in a sentimentalised and saccharine interpretation, but it makes a change from yesterday's hellish imagery!

I wasn't sure if it qualified as illustration as it is a lot less drawy and alot more clicky than most of my illustrations, but elements of it are drawn and elements of it are essentially digital collage so I think it's okay.  Sorry if ...

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What If We Live Here Now - Illustration

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This is the first illustration that I've done for a while, I got kind of burned out!  This is something of a departure from my usual style and process.

It uses mainly modified photos (of my own).  It was semi inspired by disturbing film 'YellowBrickRoad'.  For me, the sign of a really good horror film is that it makes me really, really scared of the concept of hell... YellowBrickRoad does.

I think it's also influenced by the conscious and subconscious guilt I often ...

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'Toy' for Illustration Friday

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My (almost late) quick entry for this week's Illustration Friday topic 'Toy'. :)