Avril On The Go!

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I love to take my dolls out for photo shoots and to doll meets, but I've learned that it's no good just shoving your doll in your bag if you don't want to mar her gorgeous looks!  With this in mind I decided to order a bespoke doll case from Ruth Appelgren's Etsy shop Cherubcloset.  For a very reasonable price you can have a case specially made in your own choice of fabric in a size to suit your doll and embel...

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Aussie has arrived!

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Tangkou Aussie wasn't meant to be staying... but then she started modelling hats, and told me her name is Mila, and became best friends with Avril... so now she has to stay O.o... these Tangkou girls are taking over!!!

Some Tangkou Doll Comparisons and Info

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I have been asked recently for more info n Tangkou dolls so here's a bit of info and comparison pics...

First of all, Liv and Barbie clothes are a good fit for Tangkou.  Barbie shoes will not fit, however, but Liv ones mostly will.  Careful with boots though, if they're tricky to get on and off sometimes Tangkou's foot can pop off inside the boot :o

As you can see the proportions of Tangkou and Liv are very similar...

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Happy Halloween!

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