The Early Bird...

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The girls seem to be wasting no time in making themselves at home!

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Maude's Secret Weapon Revealed!

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Maude has been sneaking around lately, but I managed to spy on her, here's what I discovered :)

"This will do nicely :)"


"Almost done!"

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Maude's Journal - TV

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It is my relief to write that I have been left in relative peace the last few days.

The woman seems to have been preoccupied with something, but this has given me the space to observe some positive aspects to her character.

For instance, she introduced me to a new invention, the TV, and showed me a story called ‘The Waltons’.

I very much approve of the values of this ...

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Maude's Journal - When in England do as the Japanese do...

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I am beginning to find my bearings in this new land which I have learned is England.  

I believed English people were known for their refinement, but from what I have observed thus far the woman, Holly, seems anything but proper!

She wished me to pose for photos in the most immodest and garish garments I ever laid eyes on.  I tried to explain my reticence in exposing my shoulders and ankles to all and sundry, but she announced that it was me that was sadly lacking in 'cu...

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The Journal of Maude - 11th June 2012 - An Epic Journey

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My history is an arduous one covering many miles. Created in China, one of many sisters, I believed myself destined for a life in Australia, but my route was diverted. I can only assume that our ship was commandeered by pirates because I somehow ended up in New Zealand. Even at this point in my journey I was yet to catch a glimpse of the light of day, confined as I was to what you ...

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Great video (caution contains strong language)

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Warning contains strong language.

Creep (Radiohead) - Scala & Kolacny Brothers from Alex Heller on Vimeo.


Further Tales of Dolly Peril

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Photo by Elizabeth Albert

Reader, brace yourself for the continuing saga of the dangers faced by the dolls in my childhood possession...

Picture a warm Summer's day in the 1980s, the very middle of the school summer holidays.  I, an innocent little girl, am happily playing with my Crystal Barbi...

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More Tales of Dolly Peril

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It seems that when I was a child, despite the care with thich I usually treated my dolls, potential dangers were always around the corner.

I have already told you about the untimely death of my first childhood Sindy in a previous post, but it seems my Barbies were not immune from peril either.

For my 10th birthday I got a 'My First Barbie' from a shop called 'House ...

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Revealed! Dinky the Perfekta Gigi Doll

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Self discovery

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Adorable little Jane has a little bit of an inferiority complex, she read my post about her not being a 'proper' Pedigree Sindy.  Even though I didn't mean anything by it she wasn't happy!


But after sitt...

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