New years resolutions 2012?

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BBC Children In Need 2011

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Don't forget that it is BBC Children in Need on friday.  This charity do so much valuable work helping under priveledged and suffering children to help make them feel:


Happy and Secure

Allows them the chance to reach their potential

I know that Pudsey and Blush are teddies, but teddies are a KIND of doll so here's how you can adopt a Pudsey while also helping g agreat cause :)

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Red Nose Day for Comic Relief

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I was racking my brains for a connection between Comic Relief and dolls and the answer was staring me in the face all along!  I had to go back a few years though!

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And to find out what it's all about...

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Events in Japan and the Doll Community

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We have all been watching, in horror, the unfolding events of the Japanese earthquake and its aftermath.  Events such as these tend to leave one with a feeling of helplessness so it is always encouraging to see people determined to help, with no matter how small a gesture.  As usual the dolly community have not let the side down!

I would like to draw y...

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Adventure and philanthropy!

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One of my favourite activites is scouring the charity shops looking for dollies to adopt.  It's really great fun having a rummage and never knowing what you are going to find!  It's also fairly guilt free as I know:


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Inspiring Story of a Barbie Doll Used for Good

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Photo courtesy of MeL * via Flickr

ARTificial Beauty Collection

This story recently appeared in the South Wales Echo concer...

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Rag Dolls 2 Love

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I know I have ranted on in the introduction about using dolls in a positive and responsible manner.  This post is to offer a concrete example of how dolls can be used for good :)

According to their website Rag Dolls 2 Love is a non-profit, project through which volunteers create cloth dolls t...

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