Christmas in Spring Time

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Actually judging by the weather we've been having it's possibly closer to Christmas than spring!

I have a bit of a thing for Christmas themed Barbies so was thrilled when these two arrived in the post this morning :)

On the left is "A Perfect Christmas" Barbie, and on the right is "Holiday Wishes" Barbie...

I love the pink and green candycane gown and waist length hair of ...

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Barbie I Can Be Astronaut Fashion Set Review

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I don't know about you but, even as a kid, my Barbies had their sights set on far greater adventure than could be contained in the nearest beach or shopping mall.  With this in mind I was pleased to discover that amongst the other 'I Can Be' career-based Barbie fashions, an Astronaut set has been included.

First impres...

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Barbie Charm School Blair

Posted on April 22, 2013 at 4:40 AM Comments comments (1)

So my new Barbie Charm School Blair doll arrived.  I was desperate for her to get here!  I'm afraid I was a little disappointed though.

Her outfit and accessories are great, her hair is lovely and her lip colour gorgeous... but her eyes are rather lacking in presence :( .  She is quite photogenic though, maybe we will bond more :)

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The Return of Tang!

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Tang is my oldest Blythe who I have had since 2004.  Recently I sent her to Jenni of Thriftydoll for a makeover and today she returned :)

Jenni worked on a character desription of Tang's personality and did an amzing job (though I think it might take Tang a while to forgive me for sending her away XD).

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The New Girl Has A Name

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So the new girl is settling in nicely and decided that she HAD to go for a walk today whatever the weather!  Seems she's just as headstrong as my other girls :)

She also has a name...

Meet Peridot :)

Happy Red Nose Day

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Happy Red Nose Day :-)

Post Spa Pics of The New Girl

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Just for the sake of interest here are the after pics following University of Love's conditioning treatment - her hair is much lighter and softer now :)

Still indecided on a name or whethe...

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A New Girl Arrives

Posted on March 13, 2013 at 6:35 AM Comments comments (3)

My latest adoption arrived today she is an, as yet nameless, University Of Love Blythe Doll.

Let me out please!

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We've had snow again!

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The fishponds are fwozen!

You say Potato, I say Lightbulb

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My entry for the Blythe Physical Challenge group on the theme of "I say Potato, you say Lightbulb'...  the catch with this group is that all photos must be taken in a public place!

I found this quite challenging and carried Blizzard around in my bag for 3 days before plucking up the courage! First I took her to the lighting section of a department store but a saleswo...

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