'Twirl' for Illustration Friday

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This Illustration os for the theme 'Twirl' by illustration.  Being physically quite averse to activity I regularly find that my interior spends far more time in motion and twirling than my outward appearance might betray...

Moxie Teenz the Good, the Bad & The Ugly

Posted on March 23, 2011 at 9:03 AM Comments comments (8)

My daughter bought her first Moxie Teenz doll the other day.  

Overall she is well put together and very pretty.  She is very poseable (with regular fashion doll hinge joints), her outfit is nicely designed well made and well fitted, with nicely implemented accessories - for instance her earings really do dangle freely!  

Quality wise I consider her good value for money and yet one disappointing aspect of the doll threatens to undo all this good work!

As you c...

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Moxie Teenz

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Our nearest Smyths Toyshop now have Moxie Teenz in stock.

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Initially I thought the Moxie Teenz look very similar to

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