Rag Dolly Rescue!

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Our church were recently donated some dolls for our fundraising.  A whole bag of porcelain dolls (which I will show you soon), and whole bag of cloth dolls.  As I seem to be the 'go to girl' for dolls in our congregation they have ended up in my care!

Here are the raggy dolls!

What a cute bunch ^-^.

The two outside girls, dressed in peach, are handmade.  Th...

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Living Dead Doll Plushies

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Another uber quick blog post (I promise I'll actually write something of substance soon!)

I don't know what it is with the cute-and-creepy just a-lately but I stumbled across these plushie living dead dolls and thought of you lot... ...In a good way, of course! :)

Holly xoxo


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Just a quick entry because I'm always excited when I discover a new doll and I wanted to share news of these that I spotted in Forbidden Planet the other day.

They are called Vamplets and they're baby vampires (well... duh!)  They actually look a whole lot cuter in real life, but the website is worth checking out anyway!

Speak ...

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New Free Sewing Pattern - mini mascot cloth doll

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If you visit the FREE PATTERNS section of the site you'll find a new free sewing pattern for my 'Dinklet' mini mascot dolls.  The pattern can be viewed as a PDF, the instructions are a txt file.

I hope you enjoy it, and I'd love to see any dinklets you might create :)

Holly xo...

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Global Visionaries Dolls

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At the Sheffield Fayre recently I was also lucky enough to meet Janine Dearlove founder of Global Visionaries dolls.  Initially trained as an actor, single mum Janine, launched an initial range of eight greetings cards for children of colour at the NEC spring fair back in 2003. 

Since then her products have developed and expanded to include the lovely cloth dolls pictured on her website (actually the pictures on the website don't really do them justice in my opini...

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